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When the time comes to say goodbye...

In Memory - 2013

This page is dedicated to all your wonderful pets who have passed to Rainbow Bridge in 2013


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MILTON Milton my dear boy...
My life is so empty and painful without you. I miss you so much, I hurt so much, my only solace is the hope you are near me, you are in my heart and will live within me forever. You will always be my best boy. Forever my loyal friend look upon me and live with me, we all love you and feel so grateful to have been yours...
You are ours forever...
Your ever loving family, pack and friends, Zoe (mum), David (dad), Olyn and Devon x x x


who will be sadly missed this Christmas died 4th November age 13 RIP forevermore.

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RUPERT April 1999 to October 2013
Rupert you bounced into our lives as a nine week old puppy in the summer of 1999. You were bouncy, chaotic and oh such fun. You had over fourteen years with us and you filled every corner of our lives with your jaunty ways, cheeky face and unbounded and unconditional love. You cheered us up when we were down, you were never grumpy and you filled very minute of your life with discovery and joy. You loved other dogs, you never growled or snapped at anyone.
We took you everywhere from Cornwall to Orkney in our caravan and every morning at about 4.30 you would jump on my bed to have a cuddle. In October we had to say goodbye to you and it was the worst day of my life. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me. There is never a day when we don't talk about you. I still kiss your photo as I get into bed each night and we light candles for you.
Much loved, much missed. Phyllis and John xx

MURPHY Always a smile, always full of love and devotion. You have left a hole in our lives that we do not know how to fill. Your loving brother Monty misses you with all his heart.
Sleep well brave boy xxx

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You gave me your undivided love for 13 years, you are in my heart forever xx

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In loving memory of Bella.

Fitz 1998 - 2013

To My Beloved Fitz, I lost you today to old age, but somewhere you are chasing rabbits with Sam and Ben.


My darling girl you have gone from my sight & I am so lost without you, but I know you are running free somewhere & you will forever remain in my heart. Thank you so very much for your love & friendship, we had 15 amazing years together & you were my whole world & my best friend & you are missed so deeply. Be free & happy my gorgeous girl until we meet again one day, forever in my thoughts. Love always, mummy. xx

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MANDY 07/06/13 Our big hairy beast, run free xx sadly missed by Dawn & Dave.

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YOYO put to sleep 29 March 2013, aged 6, suffering from cancer. Although operated on and expecting to have him home the next day, he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and the prognosis was poor. We can't believe things went so horribly wrong. Darling little man, our time together was so short. We adored you so much and feel privileged to have been your family for the 15 months we had you. You gave us endless companionship and love in that time. The house is so quiet without you now. We would have done anything to keep you with us but we had to let you go. We know your life wasn't an easy one before you came to us and we hope that we made you happy. Goodnight dearest YoYo, until we meet again, we will always love and remember you. Val and Clive xx

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Our darling Willow passed away on 13th February 2013, beloved companion and friend,terribly missed,we will always love you

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WINSTON my darling Winston, I miss you so much and hope that wherever you may be now you are all better and no longer in pain....only on this earth for 1 yr and 10 months but you gave us so many memories in such a little time....I love you my darling and you will always be in my heart....till we meet again xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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