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Living with Pet

When the time comes to say goodbye...

Living With Pet Bereavement

When a member of your family dies it is natural to grieve for them. Unfortunately, when the member of your family is a pet, there is little if any, support, information or advice available.

Living with Pet Bereavement was launched in 2009 to give pet carers that much needed lifeline, offering advice, invaluable information and above all to support them during this very difficult time whilst comming to terms with their loss.

Living with Pet Bereavement is probably the most comprehensive pet bereavement website available with the main contributors having experience not only in a professional capacity working in the world of pet bereavement but also from their own personal experience.

We offer the following support and services to pet owners who are experiencing pet bereavement -

  • Pre, During and Post Euthanasia support and advice.
  • Online memorial pages dedicated to your pets.
  • Memorial products.


Dawns book 'Pet Bereavement Support - The Complete Guide' is now available to purchase on Amazon

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