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Pet Bereavement Courses

In order to support someone through pet bereavement or pet loss, we have to have a clear and thorough understanding of the entire subject and all aspects related to bereavement. Pet bereavement is not just about helping someone come to terms with their loss by offering tea and sympathy. The entire subject goes far deeper than most would imagine.

In our open learning courses you will learn the difference between Counselling and Support, Pain and Suffering (something most Vets see on a daily basis), understanding the emotional roller coaster that pet carers will experience, the aftercare of a pet's body, and of course how to help a pet carer through bereavement.

Our courses will offer you the opportunity to understand and learn, in real depth how Pet Crematoriums & Pet Cemeteries operate, we also give you the opportunity to read real scenarios, showing the type of support pet carers really need and want.

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Most bereavement courses are written by Counsellors, Psychologists, Teachers or Veterinary Surgeons, who although vastly experienced, base their courses on their chosen field, and without the experience and knowledge of working in the pet bereavement industry do not cover the entire spectrum of issues related to pet bereavement. Our courses are written by Dawn Murray following her many years supporting pet carers as a Pet Undertaker and Pet Bereavement Counsellor.

The courses were specifically written to appeal to everyone, regardless of their profession. You do not require to be educated to University level, or to work in a Veterinary practice. It is designed to attract those with a genuine and natural ability to want to help others.

The death/loss of a pet has such an impact on the lives of many pet carers, but the support they seek is not just to guide them through the emotional turmoil; they want more than just emotional support, they want information with regard to the aftercare options available and for guidance and reassurance during the process of Euthanasia.

Our courses are fully accredited by One Awards.

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Dawns book 'Pet Bereavement Support - The Complete Guide' was published in April 2014. For more information on the book and how to order a copy please click here.


We currently offer 2 fully accredited Open Learning courses on Pet Bereavement Support, to find out more click here.


Dawns book 'Pet Bereavement Support - The Complete Guide' is now available to purchase on Amazon

For more information about the book and how to order a copy click here.